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About Balasinor

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Balasinor, also spelled Vadasinor, is a small town located on the eastern end of Kheda District in the state of Gujarat. It was earlier a princely state ruled by Yusufzai Patha dynasty, known as Babi. 

History of Balasinor     

It has already been established that the region around Balasinor was populated by giant dinosaurs in prehistoric days. However, the recorded history of the town begins with the advent of Pathan ruler Muhammad Khanji Bahadur Khanji in the middle of eighteenth century.

Balasinor was founded on 28th September, 1758 by Muhammad Khanji Bahadur Khanji, originally belonging to Babi Dynasty of Junagarh. It is possible that he was the son of Mohammad Bahadur Khanji I, who established the rule of the said dynasty in Junagarh by expelling the Mughal governor. It is equally possible that after the death of his father in 1758, Muhammad Khanji Bahadur Khanji, set out to establish a new kingdom for himself and chose Balasinor for that purpose. However, nothing else is known about his tenure.

After his death the rein passed to his son Jamiyat Khanji Muhammad Khanji and thereafter to his grandson Salabat Khanji Jamiyat Khanji.

Chronicle of Babi Dynasty in Balasinor since 1820

Garden Palace
  • Salabat Khanji Jamiyat Khanji ruled until 1820.
  • Next to come to throne was Abid Khanji. He was coroneted in May 1820 and ruled till 1822. 
  • The next ruler was Jalal Khanji; he ruled from 1822 to 2nd December 1831.
  • After him came Zorawar Khanji (born in 1828). He ruled from 2nd December, 1831 to 30th November, 1882.
  • Next ruler Munawar Khanji Zorawar Khanji was born in 1846. He ruled from 30th November, 1882 till 24th March, 1899.
  • The next ruler Jamiyat Khanji Munawar Khanji was born in 1894. He reigned from 24th March, 1899 till 2nd February 1945.
  • Muhammad Salabat Khan born in 1944 was the last ruler of this dynasty. He was coroneted on 2nd February, 1945 and reigned till 15 August 1947.

Balasinor under British rule

It is to be understood that Balasinor was not fully an independent state during the British period. Zorawar KhanjiContrarily, it was a princely state operating under the Rewa Kantha Agency of Bombay Presidency. It was accorded 9 gun salutes. The rulers of the state were known as Babi Nawabs. They enjoyed certain degree of independence; but did not have any say in the matter of foreign policy and defense.  Such matters were controlled by the Crown of England, who had the ultimate jurisdiction over them. 

Balasinor after 1947

As India became independent on 15th August 1947 all princely states were invited to join in. Muhammad Salabat Khan, the last ruler of Balasinor, signed the treaty of accession on 10th June, 1948.  Thus Balasinor became a part of free India. The town was later included under Kheda District. Today, Balasinor is also the administrative headquarters of a tehsil of the same name.

Geography of Balasinor

Water Body within Balasinor

As we have already pointed out, Balasinor is located on the eastern end of Kheda District. The town has a flat terrain with an average elevation of 72 meters. Sudarshan Lake is an important water body located inside the town.

Mahi River by Balasinor

River Mahi is an important river flowing by this town. Wanakbori Dam built on this river provides water for irrigation over a large area. The dam was built at the cost of 6.5 crores over an area of 3.25 hectares. The project was started in 1954 and completed in 1958. 

Climate in Balasinor

Summer in Balasinor begins in the month of March and ends in June. The climate remains very hot during this season with temperature varying from 34 degree Celsius to 44 degree Celsius.

The weather begins to change with the advent of monsoon in July. It generally lasts until September. Cool breeze blows during this period. Although the rainfall is sporadic it not only lowers the temperature, but also makes the surrounding look green and beautiful. The mean annual rainfall received by this area is 880 mm.

The winter is the best season in Balasinor.  It lasts from October to February. The climate is pleasantly cool during this and the temperature ranges from 12 degree Celsius to 28 degree Celsius.

Resources in Balasinor

Balasinor is quite rich in mineral deposits. Abundant supply of limestone, granite, quartzite and black trap is found in and around this town. In addition, Balasinor tehsil also has considerable green coverage.  According to available data, the district has a reserved forest area of 6276.89 hectors most of which is found in Balasinor and Virpur tehsils.

Administration in Balasinor

Mahi River

Since Balasinor is located in Kheda district, the administration of the town is controlled by the District Collector posted in the district headquarters Nadiad. In case of necessity you may contact him at the following address:

The Office of the District Collector 
Narol Naroda Road,
Pin Code: 387001
Office Phone No: 0268-2553334, 0268-2550856
Residential Phone: No: 0268-2556700.
Fax:  0268 - 2552210

However, the day today administration of the area is looked after by a Tehsildar posted at Balasinor. In addition, the town has a municipality to look after its civic need.  For proper administration of the town, the municipality has divided it into nine wars, each of which is represented by an elected representative. According to 2011 census, Balasinor municipality serves a total of 7591 houses.

Police Station in Balasinor

In any kind of emergency it is the local police force that comes to our rescue. The Police Station in Balasinor is located on Balasinor-Ahmedabad Road. In case of any emergency you may contact the police at the following address:

Balasinor Police Station
Balasinor Ahmedabad Road
Near Balasonir Vidyut Board
Phone No: 2690-267201, 2690-267301

Hospitals in Balasinor

Hospital in Balanisor

Apart from that, Balasinor has all the facilities required for modern living and hospitals are one of them. Among them, we must first mention the Sarvadoy Hospital located on Collage Road. It is a super specialty hospital, which has been treating different neurological diseases including paralysis for nearly half a century. You may contact the hospital at the following numbers:
Phone No: +91 02690 - 266028 and +91 02690 - 268123
Mobile No: 91 9825505141, +91 9925245962, +91 9925245963, +91 9824097379

Besides the Sarvadoy Super Specialty Hospital, following are two other hospitals located in this town:
  • K. M. G. hospital located on Ahmedabad – Zalod Highway
  • Meena Hospital located on Balasinor - Sevaliya Road, Kalupur

Among these two, the KMG Hospital is officially known as Shree Kacheria Mojilal Gordhandas General Hospital. It is in service for last sixty years and runs mainly on donations.

Business and Economy in Balasinor

Fossil Park at Balasinor

It is to be remembered that Balasinor is rich in minerals like limestone, granite, quartzite and black trap. Consequently, the area has a number of small scale industries based on these minerals.  In addition, many of the industrial units of this town also manufacture different chemical based products.  Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), which has established a number of industrial estates all over Gujarat, has also set up a unit in Balasinor.

The GIDC estate in Balasinor is spread over an area of 25.90 hectares of land and consists of 110 plots. Just as in any other GIDC estates, the one in Balasinor also offers all kinds of facilities required for smooth running of industries. However, the town also has number of industries located outside it. all these industries together form the basis of economic growth of the town.

Other than industries, the mines located around the town also provide considerable job opportunities for the people here. Other than that tourism also provide income opportunity for many.

Places to See in and around Balasinor

The Old world Charm
Source: Flickr

Balasinor is one of those Indian cities, which has been able to retain the old world charm in spite of rapid progress. In addition to the overall ambiance, it also has number of places of tourist interest located in and around the city. Among them Balasinor Fossil Park is the most important. Besides, there are the Garden Palace, Ambaji temple etc.

In addition, there are few interesting places quite close to the town. Among them the Ranchhorji Temple at Dakor, Shiva Temple at Galteshwar and the hot spring at Timba Tuva are of prime importance. Besides, if you want to see the true face of Gujarat you must visit Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, which extends from Pavagadh to Champaner. It is a UNESCO Heritage site consisting of many ancient temples and forts.

Important Information about Balasinor

Tehsil: Balsinor
District: Kheda
State: Gujarat
Pin Code: 388255
STD Code: 02690
Elevation: 72 m (236 ft)
Vehicle Registration: GJ 7
Language Spoken: Gujarati and Hindi

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